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  • No monthly costs
  • Free built in software
  • Secure Unclonable Fobs & Cards
  • Designed, Manufactured and Supported in the UK
  • Experienced Pre-Sales Advice & Technical Support direct from the manufacturer
  • 5 Years Hardware Warranty ( T&C's apply)

Navigator IP v10.0+ Software


A wide-ranging set of setup and additional features including:

  • Client/Location Details
  • Reader Site Codes and Data Formats
  • Email/mail Server Details
  • Set email addresses
  • Set Auto Expiry for Users - e.g. Disable a Card/Fob that has not been used on the system for 60 days (a great feature if somebody loses or has a Card/Fob stolen and doesn't report it)
  • Set Auto log out time feature for Navigator IP Interface
  • Door Override Feature - set Door or Door Groups to automatically open via an Input (e.g. Fire Alarm)
  • Signature/Enrolment Reader Configuration (if required)
  • Mustering Configuration
  • UDP Settings
  • Event Summaries on Homepage Toggle On/Off
  • Battery Self Test Settings

Installers Page

  • Flash Firmware Updating
  • Various Engineer Only Tools

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