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  • No monthly costs
  • Free built in software
  • Secure Unclonable Fobs & Cards
  • Designed, Manufactured and Supported in the UK
  • Experienced Pre-Sales Advice & Technical Support direct from the manufacturer
  • 5 Years Hardware Warranty ( T&C's apply)

Navigator IP and JWS - A Brief History

John Wainwright Systems Ltd (JWS) is an Electronics Design & Manufacturing company specialising in Access Control, Door Entry & Automatic Door Equipment supplying primarily to the Installing Trade. JWS products may be seen in everyday use on thousands of UK High Streets, banks, schools, hospitals and commercial premises

Company Timeline

The company can be traced back to 1977 designing electronic digital locks. In 1984 Macrosoft (UK) Ltd. headed by John Wainwright and Peter Cavaney was formed in Bath and began designing card and proximity systems.

Europlex Technologies Ltd. purchased Macrosoft (UK) Ltd. in 1991 and after completing contractual conditions it was possible to restart as 'John Wainwright Systems Ltd. (JWS)' in January 1995. The original company ethos remains true to this day: To design, manufacture, supply and support great products.

JWS are now based in Westfield Industrial Estate, Radstock Near Bath, we operate an open door policy and encourage the Public as well as Trade customers to visit our showroom and grab a coffee on us!

Navigator IP Timeline

Navigator IPThe Navigator Access Control range started its inception in early 1993 and was first released for commercial use in January 1995. Originally branded as Navigator Pro, Navigator Lite and System 2000 (supplied to a sister company). The system topology relied upon on an 'always on' PC via an RS232 to RS485 converter out to door nodes ( branded as S1's, Sprints or AD018s). This schema was very much of its time and relied on the PC to make decisions for the Access Control network.

The original Navigator product was very successful with hundreds of installations around the UK and Europe still in everyday day use.

In 2012 as the world went through the dot.com revolution JWS took the decision to meet the demands of new users revising the system topology and created Navigator IP. Customer experience is key to our product offering and end-user and installer feedback provided us with the foundation to base the next iteration of the Navigator Access Control product range: Navigator IP.

Navigator IP Feature Set

  • Not reliant on a PC - just requires a Browser to view, control, programme and edit Users, Events, Doors, and generate Reports
  • Not dependant on any Operating System (OS) - so will not be outdated or require updating should Windows or Mac release new updates or new Operating Systems
  • No separate RS232 to RS485 converter required
  • No software to purchase, license or install
  • Embedded firmware and not cloud-based so can run (if required) standalone without the need of an Internet Connection
  • Emailable or Text Door and/or User alerts - e.g. Email the caretaker if the doors have been left open and/or forced
  • Full inclusive free Relationship software - manage Inputs and Outputs on the Navigator IP PCB (there are four spare relays per PCB with various inputs) e.g. Breakglasses will send an email when pressed including location information
  • Integral Door, Battery & Mains Monitoring and Alerts
  • Standalone, or networkable (via IP or RS485) - up to 200 doors and 10,000 Users
  • Not reliant on a Desktop reader to enroll (programme) User Cards and Fobs - saving time, money and removing the need for a fixed location for Card and Fob programming

Building on decades of experience in Access Control Navigator IP is feature rich and offers huge flexibility based around firmware that 'lives' on the Navigator IP Access Control Unit and distributes its database and setting to all networks Access Control units. This means that there is no dependency on a PC and as such no software to purchase, license or install!

Navigator IP firmware can be upgraded by flash (through its onboard USB connection) and JWS offer a 'Free For Life' policy which means you'll never be charged to upgrade your firmware.

Who uses it?

Since its commercial release in 2013 Navigator IP has been installed in Airports, Office Buildings, Schools, Nurseries, Factories and many more.

A very small selection of our end-users can be seen on the Case Studies page.

Who makes it?

JWS Design, Manufacture and Support Navigator IP - based near Bath in Somerset.

From hardware to software - all in-house (a fact we are very proud of!)

For more information about our company, see the About Us page.