Navigator IP Installation

Quick Start Guide

Getting your Access Card or Fob working (setting up a User)

Navigator IP classifies types of Users into a category using the term User Category (by User we mean someone who has an Access Card or Fob).

The best way to explain User Categories is by a Users activity (ie. what door(s) they are allowed to access and what times of the day & days of the week).

Worked Example:
Jane Smith is a Cleaner. Jane is allowed access to: Front Door, Cleaning Store, Staff Room and Toilet. Jane works 17.00 to 19.00 Monday to Friday. (The assumption here is that Controllers and Doors are already configured and online.)

Set up a User Category as follows:

1. Enable a Time Zone and call it 'Cleaner' (which we will select 17.00 to 19.00 Monday to Friday)

> Click Save


2. Enable a Door Group and call it 'Cleaner' (which we will add doors: Front Door, Cleaning Store, Staff Room and Toilet)

> Click Save


3. Enable a User Category and call it ‘Cleaner’ (which will combine Time Zones & Door Groups)

  • Under the first Time Zone drop-down pick 'Cleaner'
  • Under the first Door Group drop-down pick 'Cleaner'

> Click Save


4. Activate a User and choose User Category Cleaner. (In this example we have given Jane Smith Fob Number 1.)

  • Enter Janes details in Name
  • Change Status to Active
  • Change User Category to 'Cleaner'

> Click Save


Now that the Cleaner User Category has been set it can be applied to other Users (if applicable)

There are 64 User Categories (Total Access* + 63)

*Total Access Navigator IP has a preset User Category called 'Total Access' Users with Total Access are allowed 24/7/365 Access to any door - The Total Access User Category cannot be removed or edited.