Frequently Asked Questions

Free Sales Advice and Technical Support?

For help with your purchase and installation advice please call us on 01761 414700 or email

Trade Installer or Distributor?

Call now for an Account Login to give you access to Trade Pricing

Government, Education, and Public Sector?

If you are a school, college, university, hospital (etc), make a purchase and we'll automatically open a 30-day credit account for you.


JWS can offer an installation service nationwide (via Approved Third Parties that we have dealt with in some cases for in excess of twenty years). We do not undertake the installations directly, however, should you require any of our items to be installed by an experienced company then please drop us an email to or call 01761 414 700. Please include the postcode area and photographs if possible. We will then pass your details on to a JWS approved company who will contact you directly. If you are trying to install such equipment yourself, there is a 'Specification & Downloads' section where all manuals and drawings can be accessed.


You can order directly online and pay by Credit/Debit card or simply call our Sales Team to place orders over the phone on 01761 414700. Alternatively you can pay by Bank Transfer; please email us at should you wish us to raise a Proforma Invoice for this method of payment.

What about Guarantees/Warranties?

All products supplied are fully covered by the manufacturer's guarantee for a minimum of 12 months.

When will my goods be delivered?

Please see our Delivery page for times and costs.

My product was received damaged or incomplete?

Please report any transport damages within seven days of receipt. Please note that we cannot help with any damage claims reported after seven days of receiving delivery. Please contact our Customer Services on 01761 414700 and refer to the terms and conditions of sale.

What should I do if I have a complaint?

Should you in any way feel dissatisfied with any part of our service then please contact us. Should you still feel that your grievance has not been properly addressed then you may of course continue correspondence with the manager. In the event that no amicable agreement can be reached then an independent ombudsman may be sought to settle the matter.

Wrong item received?

In the unfortunate event of receiving an item other than originally ordered, contact Customer Services within seven days of receipt - 01761 414700

Can I purchase items not shown on the site?

JWS carry a comprehensive range of products in stock and we only feature a carefully selected range on the site (for example, some 'Trade Only' products are not shown). For any models not listed, please contact us and we will be happy to help. We can also specifically order models for you that we do not normally carry in stock.

Who should I ask to install?

Please employ someone who knows exactly what they are doing, and by this, we mean an Automatic Door Engineer, Installer, Company, or an Access Control/Door Entry company who have proven experience.

  • Do not: employ contractors without proven experience; it is possible that a cheap and poor installation will result in damaged equipment and ultimately cost you more money in the long run.
  • Do not: Install any cabling before you have chosen a system unless you are upgrading an existing system then please let us know first of all. Certain access control equipment will require specific cable requirements. Eg. CDVI audio and video entry systems.
  • Do not: Install any new equipment on existing cabling until you can be 100% certain that the cabling is perfect. Many customers have found an old system not working, then order a new system to be installed on existing cabling only to find out that the cabling is at fault. Please check existing cabling for all short circuits and partial grounding first of all.

Please download the drawings and manuals we provide within the 'Specification & Downloads' section for each system and if in any doubt, just email us or call JWS for help