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Automatic Door Safety Barriers – Floor to Wall

Automatic Door Safety Barriers – Floor to Wall

Range of sizes and glazing options

From:  £126.58

Automatic Door Push Pads

Automatic Door Push Pads

'Push To Open' with Wheelchair logo

From:  £26.00

Touch Free Hand Sensor with MicroGuard™ Anti-Microbial Coating

Touch Free Hand Sensor with MicroGuard™ Anti-Microbial Coating

7-30v DC Hardwired Hand sensor with up to 400mm range


2Easy Series Video Resource centre

Wednesday, 21 October 2020  |  Admin
The 2Easy Series from CDVI offers you advanced security with an innovative WIFI connection with no monthly or annual subscription cost. Thanks to its 2-wire, non polarised connection, installation and maintenance are simple and straightforward.

The CDV4791-DX kits now includes Wi-Fi connection and a new mobile app, allowing users to control access from their phone by receiving calls or remotely releasing multiple locks.

Before contacting JWS Support your installation engineers must carefully follow the steps in the following PDFs and videos.

2Easy Data Sheet

Installer Manual

Cables & Distances

Single Door System layout

Additional monitors

You can simply daisy chain up to 3 monitors in a row if you are using 1mm thick Beldon cable, if not and you need more monitors use the CDV-DBC4A which provides 4 outputs for 4 monitors cabled back to the DBC4A 

Wiring example for additional monitors using a DBC4A


Connecting a volt free relay (for Automatic Doors & Gates )

Connect LK+ and LK- to a handy relay which has  a volt free relay output

View your door station camera through your 2EASY monitor

Connect my phone to my monitor with the 2EASY app

Learn how to set or change the time on your 2EASY Video Door Entry monitor

Learn how to redirect all calls coming into your 2EASY monitor to your mobile phone