Powerful, embedded software including: >Full featured Home Page
  • Door Controls
  • Email Alerts
  • Breakglass Monitoring
  • DDA Assisted Access
  • Time Zones
  • Door Groups
  • User Categories
  • Full Backup & Restore
  • as standard

    Navigator IP is an Access Control system with Software that looks and feels like a web site.
    You can use a Browser on any device you like to view & control Navigator IP (we recommend Internet Explorer)
    Straight out of the box, no software to purchase or licence !



    Enter your User Name and Password

    • Contact your Systems Administrator for your password or create one on the Managers Page.
    • Passwords must be between 10 and 20 characters long and contain at least one number and a Upper Case letter.
    • Passwords must not contain special characters such as £,$, %, & etc.


    Navigator IP’s Home page, simple and intuitive.

    • Door Control – Open, Unlock & Lock
    • Auxiliary Relay / Output control
    • Live Door Status – Open, Unlocked & Locked
    • Live Icon Status – Door Position, Exit Switch, Interlock, Auxiliary Relay
    • Live Events Window per door
    • Live Controller Feedback – Cabinet, Mains, Battery & Network



    The Events page gives us a system wide view of current activity on your door and/or network of doors

    • It displays the last 250 events and shows the following:
    • Unique Event ID
    • Event Date
    • Event Time
    • Event Type ( eg. Access Granted, Door Left Open etc.)
    • Controller & Door Location
    • The User
    • The Operator (Person logged on to the system, if appropriate)

    This page updates automatically every 10 seconds
    The above information can be retrieved by using the Reports page and Exported via  CSV file to a Spreadsheet of your choice


    Generate Reports

    • Time
    • Date
    • User
    • Door
    • Export Directly to CSV for Excel, Numbers etc



    Control the Users by choosing from a number of options

    • User Name
    • User Category (Time Zone & Door Group)
    • PIN
    • Expiry Date
    • Number of Uses
    • DDA Assisted Access
    • Full User Backup and Restore


    User Categories combine Time Zones & Door Groups

    • Controlling Users by Time & Door parameters
    • Choose from 64 User Categories
    • 5 Times Zones per User Category
    • 5 Door Groups per User Category
    • “Total Access” default User Category for quick programming


    Time Zones

    Set-up Time Zones for your Users

    • Set-up Time Zones to control User Access
    • Set-up Time Zones to control Free Access for doors
    • Choose from individual or a combination of days
    • Holiday Option
    • 64 Time Zones

    Door Groups

    Set-up Door Groups for your Users

    • Set-up Door Groups to control User Access by door(s)
    • Choose from available doors
    • 64 Door Groups



    Set-up Door Groups for your Users and Access Control System

    • 32 Holiday Settings


    Powerful Cause & Effect software e.g. Send me an email when a Break Glass is pressed or a Door is left open!

    • Cause Events per Controller, Door or User
    • Effect Events (outcome) for Door(s) or User(s)
    • Email feature



    Set-up your System Managers profiles

    • Password configuration
    • Privileges configuration: Administrator or Operator
    • Email address field


    Door configuration for Standalone or Networked Navigator IP Controllers

    • Standalone or Network (LAN or 485) configuration
    • Door Names
    • Card Reader Type (Entry / Exit)
    • Interlock Enable/ Disable
    • Access Time ( Lock Relay)
    • Free Access Time Zones (2 per door)
    • Auxiliary Input & Output Names



    System Settings, Utilities and Installers Page

    • Installation details
    • Email settings
    • Auto Expiry settings
    • Auto Log Off settings
    • Door Override settings
    • Miscellaneous
    • System Utilities
    • Installers Page
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