Wireless Exit Button Touch Sensor 'Assisted Door'

Wireless Long Life Touch Sensitive switch
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Product information

JWS Wireless 868 MHz Single Gang Touch Sensor supplied with surface mount back box. Ideal for manually impulsing (triggering) door openers, activating access control, door entry and other switching applications - suitable for internal use only

Unlike push pads no physical pressure is required to operate making them ideal for users with physical disabilities. Its signage aids users with visual impairments giving it a higher LRV value than its counterparts (e.g. a push pad).

Its good for over 120,000 operations on one set of batteries and being wireless it can be installed and working in minutes. Simply learn the unique signal from the wireless Touch Sensor on the Receiver (sold separately) & you're ready to go!

Technical Specification
Up to seven wireless Touch Sensors can be used per receiver
Operating Voltage: 3v DC (2 x Powerone AA batteries included)
(Specified batteries must be used to achieve quoted life expectancy)
Battery Life Expectancy: Up to 120,000 operations (has no LED)
Operating Frequency: 868MHz (Secure Encrypted Wireless)
Dimensions: UK Single Gang (85 x 85mm) & 29mm back box
Material: ABS Plastic
Sensitivity: 0-5 mm Touch Sensitive  (no physical pressure required)

Technical specifications

Brand JWS
Condition New