Wheelchair Access System by Proximity

Long Range Proximity for Automatic Doors and Access Control
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Product information

Wheelchair Access System by Proximity for Automatic Doors, Access Control & Disabled Access for up to 1,000 users. Hands-free / long range Proximity of up to 800mm*

Kit includes Long Range Proximity Reader, Separate 12v DC Controller with Relay Output, Remote Control (for easy programming) and Two User Cards

Please note the following to help optimise reading distance*
Do not mount on or near to metallic objects.
Cards and Reader must be in the same plane: i.e. flat upright card facing reader
Readers must not be within 5m of each other ( you may experiment on site to optimise proximity)

*Read range is optomised using JWS Long Range Hard Shell Cards only, fobs and other cards will be considerably less.

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Technical Specification

· Reading Range: Up to 800mm*
· Voltage: DC12v
· Current: ≤100mA
· Working Temperature: -10-70 degree
· Color: Dark Grey
· Dimensions: 260x260x35mm
· Working Humidity: 10%-90%
· IP 65 - Suitable for outside use

Technical specifications

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