Automatic Door Opener kit EN16005-KIT Not for Free Doors DWPS102U

EN16005 compliant Automatic Door kit for single doors (requires switches)
Product code: EN16005-KIT-U
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Product information

Full Automatic Door Opener Kit (requires switches)
Includes DIGIWAY PLUS Power Swing Door Opener
* Not for general use / free doors *  contact JWS if you need help / clarification
This automatic door opener is predominantly for doors that are for disabled access / use only and used in conjunction with a push button or activation sensor.
Single and double door versions available
Safety sensors, fingerguard and signage
Universal arm for inward or outward opening

1 DWPS102U  Digiway Power Swing door opener with universal fittings inwards or outwards opening doors
1 SS51 340 mm Monitored Safety sensor
1 LAS9070 Finger guard to prevent crushed fingers in door hinges
1 SIGN-003 Self adhesive Keep clear sign
1 SIGN-005 Self adhesive Power Assisted Door / Push Button To Open sign

** THIS KIT CONTAINS THE DWPS102U (Power To Open / Power To Close) Door Opener**
The DWPS102U is a Power To Open / Power To Close door opener and must be used in conjunction with Push Pads, Activation Sensors, Remote KeyFobs etc. Although the DWPS102U does have a "Push & Go" Feature it cannot be used as a Free Door *.

The DWSR102U which is a Power To Open / Spring Closing door opener, is designed specifically for customers that require a Free Door * and also can be used in conjunction with Push Pads, Activation Sensors, Remote KeyFobs etc.

* A Free Door requires no power to open or close and can be used without Push Pads, Activation Sensors, Remote KeyFobs etc.

Full installation manuals can be downloaded from this website – please read and understand both products to assess which product is better suited for your application.

2. The door must have no resistance while opening / closing and all such devices should be removed these include door closers, spring assistance, draft excluders, weathers strips etc. – not doing so will damage the equipment and invalidate the Products Warranty.

3. Consideration must be given if fitting a locking device to ensure enough room is available after the automation is fitted.

4. JWS always recommend fitting a Safety Sensor and a Fingerguard to Automatic Doors – it is the installers responsibility to ensure the equipment is installed, commissioned and maintained to EN16005 Standards.

5. Always undertake a full site Risk Assessment  before purchasing Automatic Door Equipment, and consult with a Fire Safety Officer where necessary.


Instructions PDF Digiway Technical Installation Manual (PDF)
The Digiway operator has a very comprehensive installation manual which we strongly advise you read before purchase.

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Safety is essential to protect persons from physical harm if they approach Automatic Doors. JWS can advise you on the requirements to comply with EN16005 (the standard for Automatic Door safety) but the installer and purchaser is responsible for conducting a Risk Assessment and that the equipment is installed and maintained to these standards.

Please call us for a free, no obligation chat and download the EN16005 Summary Guide HERE

Purchasing Automatic Door Equipment from JWS is done so on the understanding that you or your installer is suitably qualified to specify, install and maintain automatic doors.

JWS always recommend fitting a fingerguard and the correct safety sensor.

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